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We have mailboxes for immediate online delivery, both in our office and digital mailboxes.

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Manage your mail with any mobile device or computer wherever you are located, all you need is an internet connection.

Digital post

Mail Scanning

Our scanning services is the perfect solution for those who need their mail delivered digitally. In our private customer area one can schedule scanning, browse and search scanned documents.

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We can forward your mail anywhere in the world, either at a specified date or repeated with your chosen interval.

Digital mailbox

Mail delivered digitally

1. Booking

Schedule mail scanning in our logged in customer area, either at a specific date or continually at specified intervals.

2. Scanning

As soon as your mail has been scanned we will notify you by email. You can choose to have your documents attached and sent with email or have us store them on our servers free of charge.

3. Storage

If specified, your documents will be securely stored and accessible in your private customer area. You can then search for your documents with any related text for example invoice number, name of sender or any other text within the documents.


On-site or online digital mailbox

Mailbox in Stockholm

Our traditional mailboxes are located in Folkungagatan, Södermalm in Stockholm. As a customer you can access your mailbox weekdays 08.00-21.00 and 08.00-18.00 on Saturdays.

Digital mailbox

If you only want your mail delivered digitally a digital mailbox is the perfect option. We securely store all of your documents and you decide when we shall scan and archive your mail. Your mail will be available online or can be emailed to you.

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Postbox Stockholm


Frequently asked questions

When will I get my address details?

Access to mailbox details and online services will be provided immediately after the payment process during the registration.

Can I sign up at your office?

Yes, we also handle registrations on-site at our office. Please call us on 08-462 00 54 for further information.

How much does mail scanning cost?

Price for started scanning session is 15 SEK and 3 SEK per page. A document with information on both sides counts as 2 pages. Newspapers and magazines are excluded as well as obvious junk mail.

How much does mail forwarding cost?

Handling and packaging charge is 19 SEK plus postage according to Post Nords price list. Max weight is 2kg.

How long is your mail retention?

We store up to 100 letters or documents for an unlimited time. Larger quantities can only be stored for short time periods and needs to be collected at our office or forwarded to a specified address.

How is scanned mail stored?

With no extra charge we can store an unlimited amount of your scanned mail securely on our servers. You can also choose not to store any documents with us and simply have us send the scanned documents attached within an email message.

Can you offer volume discounts?

We provide discounted packages for companies with specific needs. For example different divisions or employees needing separatation. Contact us for a quote.

Can a mailbox be shared?

We only allow one (1) person or company per mailbox. For companies and associations with special needs we can provide custom solutions, please contact us for further information.

How do I change my address?

If you are in Sweden you can go to Svensk Adressändrings home page and follow the registration. Their service is free unless you need to add mail forwarding.

Can I use your address for folkbokföring?

It is not possible or allowed to apply to the Swedish population registration using a mailbox address. Instead one can register it as a so called “Särskild postadress” (special address) at Skatteverket.

Rent a mailbox

Choose rental plan

  • 12 months
  • Our most popular choice
  • 1,750 SEK* / 12 months
  • Mailbox, Folkungagatan
  • Scanning of mail **
  • Unlimited digital storage
  • Mail forwarding **
  • Rent now
  • 6 months
  • 975 SEK* / 6 months
  • Mailbox, Folkungagatan
  • Scanning of mail **
  • Unlimited digital storage
  • Mail forwarding **
  • Rent now

All prices above include 25% VAT.

* Key charge of 250 SEK applies for non-digital mailboxes

** Additional charges applies for service.

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