Terms of use

Between Stockholms Brevboxar AB (556497-9143) and customer

§1 Use of correct address

The person or entity renting the mailbox is only allowed to use the address given by Stockholms Brevboxar after the registration. Only mail with the correct address including the name of the mailbox rentee will be delivered. Other mail will be returned to sender.

§2 Multiple recipients

To sublet the mailbox will result in immediate cancellation of the contract.

§3 Folkbokföring (Only applies in Sweden)

It is not possible or allowed to use a mailbox address when applying for the population registration in Sweden.

§4 Bigger shipments and mail requiring signature

We do not collect packages or sign any incoming shipment

§5 Renewal of service

Service will be billed with the same rental period as the current one 1 month in advance before the expiration date of the current period. The renter can change the upcoming subscription period in the control panel or by contacting us. Renewal is non-compulsory and nonpayment without notification before the expiration date of the bill will be seen as a cancellation of service.

§6.1 Cancellation of service

Cancellation notice should be given at the office or by e-mail 1 month before the rental periods expiration date. All current mail and documents after the cancellation date will be destroyed if we are not notified of any other wishes. Any further incoming mail will be returned to sender.

§6.2 Remaining credits after cancellation

Credits are non-refundable.

§7 Key and proxtag charge

Key and proximity tag charges are non refundable. In case of a lost key the cost of changing the lock is 250 SEK.

§8 Responsability of missing mail

Stockholms Brevboxar is not responsible for PostNord or any other couriers loss of mail.

§9 Unlawful usage

Using our services in any way not being compliant with Swedish law will result in immediate cancellation of service

§10 Mail volume

In case of extreme volumes of incoming mail a special contract needs to be signed. We provide custom services for companies with specific needs for example high volume and multiple recipients. Please contact us for further details.

§11 Mail retention

We store up to 100 letters or papers for an unlimited time or until termination of contract. For larger quantities we require the documents to be picked up or forwarded to the customer.

Terms of delivery

Between Stockholms Brevboxar AB (556497-9143) and customer


Mailbox details will be delivered immediately after accepted payment. Details will also be included with the order confirmation that will be sent to the specified e-mail adress.

Agreement period

Agreement will be valid for the duration of the chosen rental period. Agreement will automatically be extended but is not bidning..


We accept credit and debit cards online, payment is made when ordering.

Age limit

If customer is under the age of 18 permission of a parent or guardian is needed to fulfill the order.

Cancel and return

In agreement with the law regarding distance selling a consumer has the right to cancel the contract within 14 days of delivery. The distance selling agreement applies to purchases made on our website or if the main part of the communication leading to the sale was made over phone or email. To cancel the agreement the customer needs to notify us within 14 days after the sale through phone or email. The remainder of the purchase amount will be reimbursed.